The Art Of The Scarab

William Travis Jewelry is proud and honored that owner and head designer, William Travis Kukovich, has been chosen to present his award winning limited edition collection THE ART OF THE SCARAB at the Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC. His Excellency the Ambassador of Italy Armando Varricchio, graciously welcomes the friends of Rock Creek Conservancy on Saturday, October 8th. Three of the original Scarab beetle pendants will be auctioned to raise money for the preservation of DC parks so future generations will continue to have the opportunity to appreciate the indigenous plants and wildlife of the rapidly developing DC area.

The Art of the Scarab was a natural fit for this event due to the unusual organic method in which these works of art were created. One summer, William Travis found himself skimming large beetles out of his backyard swimming pool. Rather than being repulsed, he marveled at their beauty and encouraged his children to do the same. Kukovich, a fifth generation metalsmith, dried several beetles on the top of his kiln. After dried, he used beeswax to fill any cracks and crevices which was readily available, as he is also an avid beekeeper. Once properly sealed, he incinerated the bodies through the lost wax casting technique and filled the cavities with sterling silver and 18KT yellow gold. Once the pieces were polished and assembled, they were bejeweled with various precious gemstones, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires and made into beautiful heirloom ornaments. While much jewelry is inspired by nature, this one of a kind collection THE ART OF THE SCARAB is actually created by nature. Once finished and worn the observer never seems to recognize the origins and only sees the Art Deco pendant that has emerged.