One of the most decorated jewelry designers in America, William Travis Kukovich boasts 17 AGTA Spectrum awards, 3 JCK Design awards, 3 JCK Jeweler's Choice awards, 2 Platinum Guild Internationals and a number of other accolades. See some of the designs that have gained him recognition in the industry and inspired trends across the country.

2016 spectrum plat band cut out ring poster.jpg
2001 platinum guild international poster 1.jpg
2008 jck awards poster.jpg
2016 spectrum opal ring poster.jpg
2016 spectrum scarab ring poster.jpg
2001 platinum guild international poster 2.jpg
2016 spectrum platinum sapphire ring poster.jpg
2016 spectrum pendant poster.jpg
spectrum poster SAMPLE.jpg
1998 platinum guild international awards poster.jpg
2016 spectrum blue sapphire ring poster.jpg
2005 spectrum ring poster.jpg
2014 spectrum lapis earrings poster.jpg
2016 spectrum horn pendant poster.jpg
spectrum cab ring poster.jpg
2001 spectrum ring poster.jpg
2015 spectrum citrine ring poster.jpg
spectrum green tourmaline ring poster.jpg
spectrum ring poster.jpg
2014 yellow sapphire spectrum ring poster.jpg